Monday, January 26, 2009

Care Managers, Working with the Aging Family, by Cathy Jo Cress

Ms. Cress presents us with papers written by both her and her colleagues in care management that address the current realities faced by the aging family, for example:

Navigating Families Through the Hospital to Home
Helping Aging Families Communicate with a Physician
Working with Long-Distance Families
Family Meetings and the Aging Family
Working with Couples
Dying, Grief , and Burial in the Aging Family

The target audience is other care managers but I think this book can also be useful to families trying to get a handle on their situation. The clear, concise text provides much needed vocabulary and concepts that relate to elder care. It would be useful for the long-distance caregiver and anyone trying to organize care. Just as many of us see our homes becoming mini-nursing homes, many of us will need to be geriatric care managers for our loved ones. This book is a great resource---well worth the investment.

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